Stop Smoking Hypnosis... with Hypnosis CD ! ........ Join the growing majority !!

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Be Healthy - Be Wise

Stop Smoking and live a better quality of Life..

  "After over 40 years working in psycho-analysis and hypnotherapy I have now committed to disc a treatment which embodies the philosophy and spirit of the treatments I have been using with great success to treat smokers for 25 years in my Practice.

It is important that you listen to my words when alone,or with someone who is equally committed to stopping as you are, so that there is no distraction which might stop you from honestly coming to terms and accepting the position you are in as a smoker and nicotine addict.         

 I sincerely wish you every success in freeing yourself from the grip of this most powerfully addictive drug"

             "My colleagues in the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association treat many other health problems besides nicotine addiction, but like myself they regard stopping people smoking as being one of the single most important health issues of the 21st.century. Hypnotherapy is an  extremely successful treatment for this problem".

                            John S Dove fhpa                                                    Chairman Hypnotherapy Practitioners Assoc.

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